Real Punks Listen to Justin Beiber

When I got into punk in the mid/late 90’s there was still a vain attempt to define what Punk Rock was and who qualified as a punk.

Fast forward 20 years and you’ll see the debate still lingers on; I guess these punks don’t know of the ‘No True Scotsman‘  fallacy.

Being fairly new to ‘the scene’ when I was in high school, (which seems like a long time ago) like many young punks, I heeded caution of doing anything that would jeopardize my image of punkness,

So when a friend told me I looked like a poser because I had a ‘Bouncing Souls’ patch next to a ‘Defiance’ patch on my patch pants, 15-year-old me got rid of the ‘Bouncing Souls’ patch as soon as I could.

Some time later after I matured, started booking shows and became a well known, loved/hated regular of the local punk scene, I realized how silly that notion was.

At one point in time, back in the hey day, I hosted large parties in a warehouse downtown to where if we didn’t have a band playing, we would spin punk records (yeah, vinyl, punk as fuck) for the evening’s musical entertainment.

Eventually you get fucking sick of hearing the same punk songs over and over (at least I got sick of it), so I decided to start playing 90’s pop songs like ‘Barbie Girl’ at parties to break up the monotony.

After a few eyebrow raises and dirty looks from the crowd, people started to dig it, or at least find it humorous enough not to be pissy about it, once they got the okay to like it from their peers.

After all, when a crazy, drunk naked guy with a 2 inch wiener changes the music, your best option is to let the song finish.

Punk becomes a lot more fun when you stop worrying about what other punks think or meeting some status quo of punk rockness.  Wasn’t that really what it was all about anyway?

I would’ve played Justin Beiber, because he’s punk as fuck, but he was still learning his ABC’s at the time.

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