Are You Really For Free Speech?

Are you really for free speech?

To say you are for the freedom of speech is no small claim. Sure, there probably aren’t many people out there who think that they should be censored, but the principle of free speech goes far beyond having the freedom to say what you want to say.

It’s been a long held view by many Americans that the fight for free speech has been uniquely a liberal battle. Ultra conservative facets have, in fact, mobilized for speech regulations, but this doesn’t nullify conservative involvement in upholding constitutionally protected rights altogether.

An emphasis on the First Amendment does, however, seem to have shifted. Conservatives, bearing the brunt of a new wave of progressive and far-left censorship initiatives, have been provoked to ponder, deeply, the importance of free speech.

In fact, people from all across the political spectrum have been prompted to ask themselves a serious question: Do I really support the freedom of speech?

Supporting free speech; what does that actually entail? In order to truly claim the title of ‘free speech absolutist’ there are some things to consider.  We will highlight a few things:

All Economic Philosophy Submitted to a Compendium of Academic Resources

There’s a plethora of different economic and socioeconomic theory and philosophy that has been written since the birth of civilization.

The free speech absolutist recognizes that all of these theories should be available in scholarly indexes, libraries, and to the general public. This includes far right economic theory like laissez faire, as well as far left philosophy such as Marxism and communism.

All Religious Texts and Spiritual Concepts Unabridged

There are roughly 4,200 religions in the world. Depending on what perspective you’re looking from, these texts may appear horrific, beautiful, peaceful or violent. Which religion is the right religion? Yours, I’m sure. 😉

The free speech absolutist recognizes that all of these religious texts should be indexed and available to the public. This includes Christianity, Islam, Judaism, Buddhism etc. It is also the belief of the free speech absolutist that the tenets of Atheism and Agnosticism should also be left uncensored.

Biology, Genealogy, & Scientific Hypothesis 

This is perhaps where free speech comes into question most often. Science requires a platform of free thought in order to flourish, but will inevitably birth the most controversial ideas and theories.

The free speech absolutist recognizes that scientific hypothesis should be freely published, with the notation that scientific claims should be peer reviewed and rigorously tested before becoming conclusive or ironclad.

The free speech absolutist recognizes that all scientific theory should be at liberty to be published (as theory). This includes, but is not limited to, findings in regards to: Gender/transgender, racial superiority/inferiority, origins of species, origins of the universe, cloning, immortality, neurology etc.


Becoming an advocate of free speech is a herculean task. It requires an intrepid ability to accept that ideas, no matter how controversial, should be freely submitted to the marketplace of free expression.

It is also denoted that, by simply agreeing to allow controversial ideas to be submitted into the vast compendium of human thought, one does not necessarily subscribe to the ideas themselves.

The free speech absolutist understands that they will be criticized, shamed and even ostracized, simply for adhering to the principle of free speech. We are a rare breed.

So, do you really support the freedom of speech?

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