There is No Meaning to Life

People have been searching for a meaning to life, a grand purpose, since antiquity. The reason they haven’t found what that grand scheme is, is because there isn’t one.

At least not one that could possibly make any sense. Even if God and all the fairy tales of the bible were true, to what purpose could there possibly be for allowing the “souls” of complex biological creatures to endure for eternity?

A surprise party has a purpose; to shock and embarrass and perhaps to delight a friend or family member in a gesture that shows the individual is appreciated.

Everyone yells “Surprise!” and that’s it, there’s a purpose that reaches a tangible outcome… the person is surprised (or most likely not because 78% of people are aware of their surprise parties before the event takes place) they eat cake, get drunk, make a fool out of themselves and have a good time.

But what is the punch line for life? What’s the ‘ah ha’ moment, the ‘surprise’ moment? We all find out that we were part of a cosmic reality show produced by some higher and divine entity?

There can’t possibly be any satisfying answer to the purposeful creation of human life.

Of course, you can’t say any of this, because there are groups of believers that will want to kill you for denying the existence of their God (he’s not real, if he is, prove it).

So enchanted and bewildered they are by a mere fairy tale written over 2 thousand years ago that the possibility of it being bullshit isn’t allowed to enter their mind… they will force it out unconditionally.

72 virgins? Eternal life in paradise?  Please. I could go through 72 virgins in a weekend, and eternal life in utter perfection would get boring as hell in no time (haven’t you watched the Twilight Zone?), just like regular life inevitably gets.

It’s bullshit. There’s no big grand reveal. The trick to having a good life is to enjoy the ride, find value in the “now” and flush the silly notion of eternal life down into the sewers of idiotic thinking from whence it came.


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